Many races are originally bred to work with sheep. Working with sheep has grown into a sport in which the qualities of the dog are shown in a parcours where the dog has to lead the sheep through obstacles.

We teach people and dogs who are still beginners in sheep herding. We do not only teach Border Collies but also other races.

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Border collies can learn sheep herding everywhere, but, unfortunately, this is not as easy for other kinds of dogs. Over the years we have had to teach many different races and some dogs appear to be true natural talents. We have taught Australian shepherds, pyrenese sheep dogs, bearded collies, bobdales, beaucerons, German shepherds, Tatra’s and many more.

Off course, there are also dogs who do not even see a sheep standing in the meadow. Some dogs are not interested in sheep at all. On the whole, most dogs who were bred to work with sheep like sheep as well. Naturally, they all have a different way of working. Every breed seems to have its own way.

For us, that is very instructive, interesting and also much fun! The fact that we only teach beginners has to do with the size of our land, or otherwise said; the lack of land. Unfortunately, we only have a small meadow. It allows us to give dogs and their owners an introduction in working with sheep. We teach the basic principles and techniques of sheep herding.

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Often, it also appears to be a practical exercise in obedience in which the sheep are only a way to get to the goal. It is very important that you get or remain control over your dog. The lessons are on individual basis. When can we take lessons? Lessons are on appointment. They can be made during the week as well as on Saturdays and